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Save By Booking is a marketplace that allows you to be part of purchasing groups, created for all those who are looking for particular products that cannot be found in common shops, who want to spend the right price for a selected product and for those who like to do their shopping from home.

Thanks to this web site, indeed, everybody can get in direct contact with the producers, skipping in this way the whole supply chain that provides wholesalers and retailers as well as intermediaries.
The purchased products will be dispatched through specialised deliverers and Save By Booking will follow up the whole process ensuring the compliance with the specified time frame. This is the way our project helps promote a supportive business that offers the best price and quality thanks to batch production and a viral marketing process.  

If you wish to learn more about us, we introduce ourselves below, with our experience and what it is that has made us share this project:

I am Andrea; I moved from my native city Biella in Piedmont to Milan, to finish my studies in computer engineering and psychology at first, and then work.

In September 2013, after leaving my career as an employee in some of the biggest multinational companies of the Information Technology sector, I decided together with some partners to found the start-up Save By Booking srl, in order to dedicate to the development of a project that I could “cultivate” from its very beginning and that would emphasise the small producers, helping them to make their work more sustainable.

In my childhood memories I have always kept alive some nostalgic tales of my grandfather, a farmer with heart and soul, who loved his land: in 1963, as a result of the very poor earnings achieved through the farming activity, and clearly insufficient to guarantee his children to go and study, he had to abandon his farm and move to the city in order to work in a factory. It was only when he retired that he could get back to his passion.

Today, who are those workers as dedicated to their own cultivation as he is, with work and sweat, struggle to reach the end consumer directly and manage to get along between the production chain, the farmer's markets and the deliveries: time the cultivation care is deprived of!

However, my grandpa, in the time before the big distribution, received some single orders for milk, flour, potatoes, tomatoes, hazelnuts, ... from the villagers, some even from one year for the next, and this allowed him to cultivate “on demand”, making the right decisions and saving time, with respect for the rhythms of nature.

In the everyday life of the metropolis, caught in its man-made rhythms, I tried to find the flavours and authenticity again that I had been able to taste thanks to my grandfather, but I found out about the difficulties and the required time to find producers I might get to know directly and whose production I might trust in.

My IT vocation led me to think about the modalities by which the new technologies might help this situation and so to create “Save By Booking”, which actually means 'save by booking'.

The web sites that I saw online were trying to attract their clients by extreme discount, but this was not the orientation I meant to follow.

I wanted to find some new ways to optimize the farmers' work and involve a group of consumers in a simple and transparent way. I wanted healthy and BIO certified food, at a reasonable honest price that allowed however to save thanks to a booking mechanism. I wanted “bio”, “save by”, “booking”.

It was not easy to find out which one was the right way.

With the help of other ambitious “travel mates” and a constructive confrontation between experiences and different generations, the portal named savebybooking.com finally came into life.

I want to point out that, despite the first appearances, savebybooking.com is a platform that is well different from hundreds of e-commerce sites promising everything right away and at the best price: the difference lies right in the fact that it runs a process which allows the small producers to sell directly to the consumers, yet optimizing their own work and avoiding market expenses.

If you have come until here, you certainly share the desire to live in a more transparent and healthier world as well.

As you may have noticed, I am not a seller, neither a grower, but with passion, perseverance and the help of my colleagues and all those who want to make their own contribution with their ideas, with the project of savebybooking.com, I want to keep on improving: to guarantee highest possible quality with respect for the environment and for those who do the work.

If you want to write to me at the email address, I will be happy to read your impressions in order to offer you a service that is getting closer and closer to your desires. Thanks for having visited savebybooking.com, and hope to see you soon again!

I am Valeria, a product designer and a fan of technologies.

I have been interested in ecologic issues for many years, and I am particularly focusing on environmental and health problems related to my food choices: the bio food has become indispensable for me.

When my brother Andrea told me about his intention to undertake the Save By Booking project, I did not hesitate to join this adventure.

At present, my job is the graphic aspect, the coordination of the staff and the activities aimed at making our project known.

One of the most interesting aspects of the work has been the possibility to get to know the producers and their activities directly: to share the message that behind every product there is a grower, a processor working thanks to his experience (and in some cases with a great deal of creativity and imagination!).

I have tried to make the product search experience pleasant and easy, leading from the inside of the platform directly to the detail sheet, where you can find all the respective information, just like I usually search for information when I purchase (and I can't always find some expressed clearly), or by coming through the discovery of the single producers.

The  other interesting aspect of this work has been to interact directly with a number of consumers in order to get some impulse and impression, basically participating at various trade shows (Fa' la cosa giusta, Seeds & Chips, just to name a few). Once the activity is fully established, in order not to waste any more resources, our aim will be that the marketing works through a viral mechanism which we have created, which allows the first people booking the products to pay a lower price, with the promise to promote the offers by a physical or virtual word-of-mouth recommendation in order to reach the minimum quantity of reservations within the expiration date of each offer.

I am Matteo, a nutrition expert, and my job is the research and selection of producers of certified bio food, mainly local  medium small businesses, sharing a personal story with their land.

I go and visit the producers who want to receive reservations through our platform, I make sure they all have a bio production certification, that they kling to their duties and that they share the virtue of our project.
Convenience, of course, for them as well as for the consumer: by selling and producing the optimum quantity fully concentrated on a certain moment, the price (always and only defined by the producer) will reflect this optimisation.

Avoiding wastage and intermediation steps, here comes the high quality certified bio product at its proper value, and it comes directly from the producer, without any intermediate steps. Right in order to avoid any additional costs, savebybooking does not have any store, and there is no reason for the goods to transit our place physically; which does of course not mean that I don't help organizing the shipping and check that everything proceeds as agreed.

I have a direct contact with every single one of the producers, and I often visit their businesses in order to learn about their specific characteristics, their products and their modus operandi. The bio certification, but not only, also their seasonal nature and traceability, these are the criteria on which we request the producers' guarantee. When I talk about small producers, I always refer to persons who work in the fields, who want to share their story and make their own activity known, but sometimes they are not very familiar with the electronic means, so that I help them place their offers and share their most significant pictures.
Behind every product, there are persons whom we wish to give a voice: everyone shall be able to share the traditions related to the product, its characteristics and sometimes it is not easy 'consum-actors': actors as it is them who search and promote the advantage of that waiting: booking a bio whole-grain flour on defined and not immediate delivery, in order to receive it directly to their home and make the experience of the
freshness of freshly ground flour.

The algae are prepared tailor-made, in one pack, economy format for the consumer as well as for the environment, made only on demand.

Our hope is that by booking on savebybooking and learning directly about the producer's story, you will feel to be close to the person who has grown with effort and care the product you will take to your table, because “we are what we eat!”.

I am Sergio, son of a farmer family, born on a farm at the light of oil lamps: I have made my way in the textile world thanks to the studies and hard work. At Save By Booking I mainly support the activity. My experience and the fact that I am not very familiar with technology help me assume a sceptical position regarding the platform, as a critic when the electronic processes are not everyone's cup of tea.

My job is to check and guarantee that all the functionalities and procedures of the web site comply with not only the legislation but also the transparency towards those who produce and those who purchase.

When we started with the project, I spent a lot of time discussing with Andrea and the other partners and colleagues, in order to listen to the passion and professional experience of every one of them. That was a very important time for my own personal growth: a space to strengthen the relations also through differences of opinion and to get to know each other under points of view we would hardly have been able to experience within a normal familiar or business interaction.

Andrea was working as a software developer that time, whereas I knew all the business production processes and the world of agriculture.

Right because of these competences, the anchor for which I kept struggling was that savebybooking.com was not the translation of a physical shop to the web, but that it meant an improvement: fundamentally optimizing the processes in order to present some products free of intermediary costs and not discounted on the basis of low quality or no margin for the producer.

I hope that also you, dear visitor of our site, will be able to benefit and share the result of the considerations made  primarily by ourselves as consumers.

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